Ways to Continue Your Learning

Ways to Continue Your Learning

2019-01-09 0 By WebEditor

There are many different ways to continue your learning, and the future of your career might even depend on lifelong learning.

Now more than ever, an overload of information can be had by simply Googling a topic, phrase, concept, or word. We live in a time when there’s an information overload, which is a true blessing for people who want to continue their learning … and for people who want to do exactly that, we encourage you to seek the paths below.

Go back to school

This is, of course, one of the most common (and arguably effective) ways to continue your learning. It’s also a path that you have to take to get into certain professions. If you want to become a lawyer, then you’ll need a law degree. Likewise, an Associate’s Degree in nursing might be your path if you want to become a nurse.

Going back to school is a great step to take if you want to continue your learning because that’s what school is all about—education and learning. However, there are cheaper (and less time-consuming) options available.

If you think you’re the only one who’s thinking about going back to school, even after starting your career, think again. In fact, another degree could lead to career advancement.

Read books and articles

Reading let’s you learn at your own pace and also allows you to learn about what you want to learn about. You can read books, articles, journals, and even listen to podcasts if you prefer that method.

The best part is a lot of these avenues can be had for free. After all, your local library should have plenty of great titles to choose from and the internet is flooding with articles, essays, journals, podcasts, etc.

Go to conferences

Conferences not only allow you to learn but they give you the opportunity to meet like-minded people and experts in your field. They can also be very motivating and inspiring, as well as lead you to knowledge. While conferences are big for the entrepreneurial crowd, they are beneficial for everyone.

Jump from one hobby to the next

While we aren’t saying to start a bunch of new things and then quit, we are saying a good way to learn is by trying new hobbies to see if you enjoy them and want to continue to learn about them.

Write a short story. Learn how to play the piano. Take voice lessons. Bird watch. Go on hikes. Take your hobby up a notch by following your dream of opening a dance center in Oregon or acting class in California.

Hobbies might not be the traditional way of learning in the sense that you’re taking notes, reading books, and testing, but they can open you up to new worlds. They can also teach you new skills, such as discipline, persistence, and determination.

Find a mentor

Mentors can be found anywhere. In fact, the person you’ve always respected and looked up to at work could become your mentor, as can a family member, close friend, or even someone you’ve yet to meet.

Mentors are ideal for learning because they’re teaching people about the industries they want to be in as well as life experiences and lessons along the way.

Create DIY courses

Creating your own course or program is now easier than ever thanks to sites like YouTube, Codecademy, Khan Academy, and many others. You just have to decide what you want to learn about. You can even create your own program, in a sense, to make it more interesting and to keep you on a path of continued learning.

There are plenty of free courses online that can teach you a concept better than a classroom can, making this option appealing for people who want to save money, learn from the convenience of their own home, and also study at their own pace.

If you want to learn a new language, then travel

While schooling and apps are ideal for learning a new language, traveling to different countries puts you into the game. It forces you to learn a new language to survive (if you will) because you’ll have to learn how to speak this new language just to get from place to place. It also helps you learn about a new culture.

There are obvious benefits of learning a new language before you travel to a different speaking country, such as knowing the basics so you can get around, but learning a new language can teach you about a new culture and way of life.

There are an endless amount of ways to continue your learning in this information age. We hope the avenues above can help you continue your learning journey.