3 Ways to Change Your Career to the Business Analytics Field

3 Ways to Change Your Career to the Business Analytics Field

2019-01-05 0 By WebEditor

So the time has come for you to feel a drift towards a different career option. You might feel the need to dive deeper into data, numbers, and strategy. There are many positions that can lead you to a more analytical job description, but what is the first step in making such a switch?

This is a life altering time in life that can be overwhelming, so take these steps when switching your career to the field of business analytics.

Start with some simple training

The first step to become proficient at anything is to find some simple books or training courses. This way you can have a foundation of terms and the general lingo when entering any education on business analytics. Knowing this field front to back will take a long time, so better get started as soon as you can. This way, once you head onto more in-depth education, you won’t be struggling.

Another tip is to try and start applying it to your current job, even if you work in a different field. Try and get access to your work’s analytics site and see if you can just observe and take notes. Poking around in the sites and trying to understand the metrics will put you way ahead of the game.

Get a minor, major or master’s in Business Analytics

If you are looking for colleges or already have been to college, there is still a business analytics program that is right for you. Getting a professional education in the field is the best way to start your career and make it all easier on yourself. If you have an undergrad degree, it’s easy to receive a Master’s in business analytics online. Heading online for this step in your education means you can still work your other job or go part time at another one. This will make you feel like you can learn, while still making money to support yourself.

If you haven’t headed to college yet, don’t worry—there are also programs in undergrad and supplemental classes at certain universities that will get you up to speed in the field. You really just have to be proactive about your career change and be eager to learn.

Look for relevant positions and mentors in the field

The best way to learn post-graduation is by finding a mentor that can help you reach your educational and training goals. This might even mean taking a job that isn’t directly working with business analytics. If there is someone who can teach you how to put your foot in the door in this field, take the opportunity. There are people who probably got the position they are in by doing the same things that you are doing. Don’t be afraid to ask for tips and soak in all of the information you can. It is likely they will admire your eagerness to learn and execute and keep you in mind when a business analytics position opens up. Also, with confidence in your training, you could start out at a lower level position and work your way up in this field. It just takes the ability to learn, adapt and improve.

This field is a smart one to go into because it teaches you to both be analytical, creative, and helps you to think outside of the box. It will bring value to any company you work for, as well. This position gives you a diverse skill set that many can’t bring to the table. Take these steps when working towards a career in the business analytics field and you will surely blow the competition out of the water.