3 Online Degrees You Can Earn in the Law Field

3 Online Degrees You Can Earn in the Law Field

2018-10-26 0 By WebEditor

Most fields of study offer online options for getting your degree, but the legal field is unique in that respect. Currently, the American Bar Association does not accredit any J.D. programs that are fully online, so if you have dreams of practicing law, online is not an option for you. You may try a hybrid program, but most people find greater success in getting their J.D. on campus.

But if you don’t have the option of attending class on campus, you don’t have to give up on the law field altogether. There are many options for obtaining an online legal degree if you know where to specialize. Here are three law degrees you can obtain from an entirely online education.

Criminal Justice

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to do all the interesting jobs that you see on your favorite crime shows, a degree in criminal justice is the answer. It’s an online option that’s growing in popularity. It makes preparing to work in the law enforcement field much easier.

With an online criminal justice degree, you have a variety of career options, including Secret service special agent, FBI agent, social worker, judge, police officer or detective, mediator, and much more. Each presents exciting opportunities and a relatively competitive pay scale ranging from $35,000- $115,000+. In most cases, the pay increases with your level of education. An online master’s is typically the highest level of education you’ll need in this field of study.

Legal Studies

If you’re interested in law but want a broad array of options for your career, legal studies is a good choice. It’s perfect for those with an interest in law, criminal justice, and law enforcement.

The study focuses primarily on both historical and contemporary cases and issues within the justice system. You’ll study sociology, history, criminal justice, anthropology, economics, politics, and other social sciences. Along with this coursework, you may be asked to complete an internship to earn your degree.

A bachelor’s degree in legal studies will help you work your way towards more advanced legal education or you may begin working right away. Most court reporters, paralegals, legal assistants, arbitrators, mediators, legal secretaries, and conciliators have a degree in legal studies.

It’s also a good stepping stone if you want to become a lawyer. You’ll have to complete your J.D. in an on-campus setting, but you can at least do some coursework online.

Paralegal Studies

While you can become a paralegal with a degree in general legal studies, it’s better if you specialize in this field. If you’re certain that paralegal work is what you want to do, get a degree in paralegal studies.

This is one of the fastest growing professions today, largely thanks to the ease of entry. With a bachelor’s or master’s degree in paralegal studies, you’ll assist attorneys at either small or major law firms to complete legal tasks. This might include filling out paperwork, doing research for a case, and filing lawsuits with the court.

The average salary for a paralegal is about $52,000, but it’s rising thanks to the high demand. Lawyers are becoming more overburdened with tasks, so paralegals often must take on more responsibility, including management roles. Therefore, it’s not uncommon to see a salary in the $75,000 range for hard-working paralegals.

Law is an excellent field of study with growing career potential. Online courses offers the perfect balance for your busy life so you can get started on your new career without moving or majorly altering your lifestyle.