How Many Pages in an Essay

How Many Pages in an Essay

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The length of an essay depends on the academic level of the paper and the subject of your study. Sometimes it depends on the instructions your supervisor has given you. The article is shorter than a research paper, and you should not confuse between the two.

When given an essay, there are some instructions that you are provided, including how many words it should have.

In this article, I will provide general rules for the length of different types of essays. Is more important is the content that needs to be of high quality from

Types of essays and their number of pages

High school

A high school essay should have 1-4 p pages and should have five paragraphs. The paragraphs should be distributed as follows; each for introduction and conclusion and three for the body.

College admission

This one is a concise essay that involves 1-2 pages. Here you are required to show the experiences you have, interests, and motivations briefly. They always have a word limit.

Undergraduate college essay

This type of essay has 3- 15 pages and will vary depending on the instructions of a specific college.

Graduate school admission essay

It contains 2-3 pages since you have to write a lengthy personal statement explaining your academic qualifications.

Graduate school

10 -30 pages are required. This is very more extended essays since they involve in-depth research of the field you are covering.

The length of the different section of the essay

An essay has three parts; the introduction, body, and conclusion. The body usually takes all the space and time of the article as it involves detailing main ideas and backing them up with evidence. The introduction is mostly one paragraph but can be longer in very long essays. The conclusion is also a paragraph detailing the summary of your paper. It should put your points together in a very concise way.

Use length as the guide to the topic.

The length of the page helps you know the information and complexity that can fit in the space. It will help you develop a thesis statement that introduces the main arguments of the essay. Short topics usually require a specific title that is clear and easily understood. More extended essays have a complex topic. The length of the essay will tell how much time you need to save for the editing of the essay.

If you are given the number of pages that your essay should require, do not write less than the pages. However, you can go beyond the number of pages you have been asked to write on. However, you should extend it much longer; if you surpass the page limit, let us say five pages and do not exceed it to 10 pages. If it reaches the ten pages mark, go through it, removing unnecessary points that do not stand for anything.

Also, make sure to remove many examples, use very few.


The length of an essay is a critical thing to have in mind. You should know how many pages your essay should have. In this article, we have covered different types of essays and their page limit.

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