7 Postgraduate Degrees to Consider for Liberal Arts Students

7 Postgraduate Degrees to Consider for Liberal Arts Students

2020-12-17 0 By WebEditor

The liberal arts are all about giving students an interdisciplinary, wide-ranging education covering everything from science and math to literature and philosophy. This education delivers an extensive intellectual grounding in different kinds of humanistic inquiry.

Many liberal arts students try to explore their post-graduation options throughout their undergraduate years, whether that be starting their career or pursuing further education.

A liberal arts degree or a more specialized degree within the liberal arts can open you to different career opportunities, such as becoming an editor, journalist, publicist, policy analyst, or a wide variety of other positions.

However, many liberal art students don’t know that they can take their education further. Countless postgraduate programs can give you the right qualifications and credentials for today’s job market, such as:

  1. A Master’s in Marketing

If you want to head a marketing department, enrolling in a master’s program for marketing will prepare you for the job. Your courses will cover branding, consumer behavior, marketing strategy, digital media, and market research.

It takes about two to three years to complete the program, but accelerated programs only take about 10 to 12 months. Upon completion, possible career options include marketing manager, market research analyst, advertising manager, and public relations manager.

  1. A Juris Doctor (J.D.)

A J.D. is the highest law degree in the United States, and you must have an undergraduate degree to enroll for this degree at an institution approved by the American Bar Association.

It can take six full-time semesters or three years to earn a J.D. The program covers different disciplines, such as business law, contract law, civil procedures, torts, civil law, and criminal law.

Many students who complete their J.D. become practicing attorneys in their states. You can also find careers in other fields, such as education, finance, regulatory compliance, politics, or public relations.

  1. A Master’s in Education

This program is ideal for teachers who want to widen their career opportunities or need a master’s-level education to teach in their state. It prepares students for careers outside of the typical classroom teaching, such as curriculum planning, administration, and instructional technology.

Most students take about a year to complete the program, but some schools require up to two years. The program covers different areas, such as curriculum design and educational technologies. Once you complete the program, you can become a principal, high school teacher, instructional coordinator, or special education teacher.

  1. A Master’s in Communication or Public Relations

If you want a media career, you can enroll for a Master’s in Communications or Public Relations (PR).

A Master’s in Communications covers more subject areas, such as mass communication, media studies, public relations, technical communication, and more. It takes about two to three years for students to complete the program.

A Master’s in Public Relations has a more focused scope, covering brand management, media relationships, and public interactions. PR master’s programs typically take two years to complete.

With a communications master’s degree, you can pursue a career as an interpreter, translator, PR specialist, communication specialist, technical writer, or journalist. With a PR master’s, you can become a social media manager, corporate spokesperson, public affairs coordinator, crisis manager, or PR director.

  1. A Master’s in Journalism

If you want to succeed as a journalist, a Master’s in Journalism is a definite asset. It equips you with writing, research, and technological skills crucial in both traditional and digital media.

Journalism master’s programs typically cover numerous disciplines, such as digital journalism, data journalism, media law, and research and reporting. The degree sets students up for career options in TV and radio, online and newspaper journalism, and advertising.

  1. A Master’s in Library Science

As a librarian, you can even earn more qualifications with a Master’s in Library Science. This program teaches you how to manage and organize books and provide easy access to public information. It covers public library services, government publications, preservation and conservation, and library sciences.

Most students complete the program in one to two years. After completing the program, you can become a law, school, academic or public librarian.

  1. A Master’s in Psychology

A psychology master’s degree gives you more specialized knowledge in psychology, and it takes about two to four years to complete. It is also the terminal degree for psychologists.

The program covers experimental, forensic, critical, and social psychology as well as child development. With a master’s in this discipline, you can work as a psychologist in schools, hospitals, government, and corporates.

What Now?

If you’ve decided you wanted to pursue a specific program, your next step is to take any required exams (like the GRE or LSAT), prepare your applications, and research specific schools. Be sure to look at the particular requirements of the school you want to attend.

If the school requires the GRE, you need to set aside time to prepare for the exam and take it multiple times, if necessary. To start studying, you can find flashcards online, take official practice exams, or check out structured courses like Kaplan GRE test prep online options.

Assessing Your Options

As a liberal arts student, there are different postgraduate programs that you can pursue. It all depends on your career ambitions and the area of specialization you find most rewarding. Whatever you choose, just be sure to take the time to understand all the different options available to you.

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