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Properly Guide A Kid Attending Nursery School In Kolkata

Properly Guide A Kid Attending Nursery School In Kolkata

Children have always taken the nation forward through their knowledge, acumen and farsightedness. They are actively taking part in each and every sphere of life and thus developing the frontiers of their country. They are tomorrow’s politician, businessman sportsperson, doctor or engineer and they are contributing their part by doing best in the respective fields. They have to be motivated right from the beginning and the parents should always support them whichever career they choose for themselves. But every person has to climb the success stairs step by step. Each and every being has to understand what education can do in his or her life and why is it indispensible to spend twelve to fifteen years in school. In the Vedic era, the kids were sent to Gurukul where they learnt about the Vedic culture and civilization and also learnt archery as they belonged to the Kshtriya clan. With the passage of time and modernization of educational system, things began to change. If we talk about the educational system of India, it is much based on the one which was introduced by the British. Education makes a man complete. The literacy percentage of our country stands at around seventy which certainly needs to improve considerably. The children not only need to learn and mug up things from their so called text books but they should also get some practical knowledge too. This will help in developing their mindset.

Today as people understand the importance of education, more schools are opening up to cater the increasing number of kids. So much so, that they have spread to every lanes and by lanes. Out of them the numbers of pre-school in Kolkata are more than any other educational centre. Even some people are opening the play schools at their homes provided they have space. But the parent also wants that his or her child should study in an optimum kindergarten so they are getting them admitted very cautiously and after going through the records of the school. This is a right step because the children learn the basics here and it needs to be very solid. The teacher here should have the relevant experience to tackle these small infants. Many schools do take the due advantage of the innocence of the child and can even mislead them. However, the parents need to go through the daily routine of their kid and keep a track record as to what is being taught in the school. If they find anything wrong, they can discuss it with the teacher and get it clarified. Nowadays, the children are facing yet another problem and that of aloofness at home. Both the parents have no or very little time to spend with their child because of prior commitments. They find nobody to share their feelings with. Well, this creates a barrier between the parent and a child which can lead to serious consequences afterwards. It has also been observed that as soon as a child starts going to school he is also being sent to coaching classes simultaneously. Well, this is not a good sign as a kid attending a Nursery school in Kolkata should not be sent to tuition. He should be properly guided by his mother during the first few initial stages of his school going life.

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